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Germ Killer


A universal oil-based insecticide that provides fast knockdown and long-lasting solution from crawling and flying insects.

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Our technical research team works in close collaboration with our international manufacturing outfits to ensure that all our products are safe, durable, energy efficient and cost-effective. Our products and production lines meet the standards of both local and international regulating agencies to provide the Philippine market with the best quality.


PIONEER ADHESIVES INC., formerly Republic Chemical Industries Inc., is a wholly Filipino-owned manufacturing and distribution company, one of the leaders in the marketplace and committed to giving our customers excellent service, as well as reliable industrial and household adhesives, sealants, waterproofing, specialty coatings, and insulation in the country. Pioneer is known for leading brands Pioneer Epoxy, Pioneer Mighty Bond, and Pioneer Elastoseal.




Solbac keeps your home clean and smelling good with its 3-in-1 Action. It kills bacteria and viruses, eliminates tough odor and instantly freshens air.


Splenda Furniture Polish contains special conditioners that cleans, shines and protects furniture to help maintain its luster and natural beauty overtime. Specially formulated to repel dust and provides lemon scent to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Tonkita by Arix

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Get what you need in no thime through 11 branches that are spread out across the Philippines.

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