Tonkita Curly Microfibre Mop

Style: Curly Microfibre Mop with Handle


Product Description:

Curly Dust & Wash Microfibre is the only cleaning tool you'll need. With Microfibre features, to be used dry to catch dust and crumbs; used wet for deep removal of dirt, stains or spills from parquet, marble, laminate, wooden and tiled flooring.

Microfibre chenille mop head made of powerful and electrostatic microfibers, effective with water only, and with with soft, flexible large surface area for best collecting of dirt without scratching the surfaces

Product Features: 

  • Dust & Wash System 
  • Wet and Dry Applcations
  • Microfibre Material 
  • Flat Mop for Easy Cleaning 
  • Great Extensible Handle for hard to reach areas

How to Use:

The microfibre chenille mop head can be washed by hand or by washing machine up to 60° without softener. The microfibre chenille mop to be rinsed, well squeezed and hanged up after use. Do not use the chenille mop head with bleach or aggressive detergents.

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