Tonkita Puligenix Dust Catcher

Style: Pullgenix Floor Stripper


Product Description:

Complete dust catcher system. The double thickness electrostatic cloths with 3D reliefs capture more dust, hair and other corpuscles in a single pass.The base of the instrument with cloth-holding bushes and the high ashlar sponge support guarantee an even firmer grip on the cloth and therefore a more effective and homogeneous action on the surfaces. Thanks to the 360 ​​° swivel joint and the metal handle extending up to 130 cm, corners, spaces under furniture and ceilings are easily reached. The size of the tool makes it particularly suitable for cleaning confined spaces and crowded with furniture.

How To Use:

Insert the cleaning base operating system snap base-click and slide Puligenix on surfaces to be cleaned. The strippers are not reusable and refillable. 

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